What Are Yoga Pants?

For some, it might bring to mind leggings that showcase your movements flawlessly.

For others, it could be the go-to comfy attire.

But for Budhi Mudra, it's about connecting the practice to the very core of your being.

That's what we envisioned as yoga pants.

The core of Fortune Pants is that there are no 'constricted areas' anywhere.

The essence of Fortune Pants lies in the absence of 'constricted areas' anywhere.

It's not just about comfort. It's the result of Budhi Mudra's long contemplation on creating clothing that seamlessly bridges physical practice to inner exploration.


The smooth fabric, just the right amount of strength and elasticity, almost feels like an extension of my body.

- Kyana

The moment I put it on, it becomes a mirror that reflects whether the energy of the clothing and my own vibrations are in harmony during every movement. It instantly makes me aware, acknowledges, and helps me adjust my present state.

- YoungChae

From the moment I wear it, it becomes an integral part of me.

- Hara

It helps me understand my preferences, whether I like a certain level of tightness or looseness, what feels comfortable to me.

- Suryeon

Unconsciously, it becomes a practice, a time to shed the clutter of the moments I've lived through.

- Tara

Being able to wear it comfortably only underscores the need to understand one's body more attentively and express oneself freely with various colors.

The look of Fortune Pants embodies the true aspiration of Budhi Mudra's desired yoga lifestyle.


BUDHI MUDRAis a Life Style.

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